Phoenix Voyage

Humanus works closely with Phoenix Voyage as part of the human experience and initiatives that Phoenix has brought forward as a deployment mechanism for developing projects and programs, so future generations around the world have a healthy place to grow and thrive.

Phoenix undertakes Projects designed to feed people, and provide for education initiatives in a turn-key, well-rounded educational package inclusive of integrated sports facilities named Phoenix Centers International. Complimentary initiatives clean up toxic damage done to our planet.

A new focus provides for education through an educational initiative called PV Comix, which educates about Nature, Science, New Technologies, Healing and much more in a fresh old medium. The re-invention to educational aims is a powerful way of reaching into younger years to lay the foundations for their futures, and PV Comix redefines a clean and fun way of learning fundamentals early on in the educational life cycle.

Phoenix Voyage has many subject areas to explore. In addition, each subject has numerous links to websites that our global family has been putting together to share information, and showcase their positive contribution to the future of our world.

The support of Humanus and the team that has assembled to carry Phoenix initiatives forward provides for a strong deployment of all initiatives for the benefit of our Humanity.

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