November 20, 2014

Current intelligence points to the TRN being officially released in the New Year. Time frames have been considered between one to a few months. Without the TRN in place as the foundation for the major releases, the time window to have this all accomplished this year may dissapear shortly, and this is estimated to be at the end of November, and all put forward to early in 2015.

If there is any significant change, we will be apprised as this process continues.

During this time, the Landa Project fundings schedule will continue on an altered schedule. We will be shortly posting the precise start of Project admission to funding under this webpage, and begin the primary compliance process on current and ongoing Project candidates. Webpage Project submissions shall be accepted in addition to current efforts.

A special section devoted to online Project submissions shall be built herein, with the goal having an online presence available to interact on funding and other requirements of a Project submission. The required infrastructure will shortly be available with sufficient offices to service select global areas for the benefit of local Project applications.

We look forward to being of good service, and the beginning of many major and minor Project starts for the benefit of our Humanity.

Thank You

November 18, 2014

The completion of all the requisite agreements, treaties, sign-offs and other functions of the Global Reset have been completed, and the advent of the new TRN (Treasury Reserve Note) is scheduled to be implemented on November 20, 2014.

We have been apprised that the schedule of the GCR (Global Currency Reset) after the official announcement of the TRN is measured in days if not hours.

After the GCR, the official historic bond redemptions will be announced. At this time, all six official channels for this official redemption period are on standby and completing the required loading of funds to the redemption accounts before the announcement. It is anticipated that this will occur in the next week.

It is also anticipated that the RV (Revaluation) of the dinar, dong and other currencies will follow the GCR more or less in parallel.

The process will complete well before the Christmas holiday season, and all currencies will become Basel III compliant.

This global event has been decades in the making, and the royal families and other sovereigns in concert with the Chinese Family have finally "broken through" the various obstacles placed before them in the implementation of the Global Reset. All institutions, agencies, and regulatory authorities are nowon standby to support the transition.

Landa Project fundings will begin by end of this month as first funds to accounts are underway now. It is estimated that it will take about one week to set the infrastructure in place after clearance of first funds.

Further information will be posted as it arrives and is confirmed.

Thank You

November 12, 2014

We have been apprised on the weekendthat the Global Reset was signed off on. The source is one of the principals to this effort, and is credible.

We therefore anticipate all global events to begin any moment, and will be posting information as we are allowed to disseminate.

Thank You

November 7, 2014

On Monday, Grand Father of the Family has signed off on the backing of the new TRN by his gold. This foundation is the milestone we have been awaiting as this signals the beginning of the changes.

The RV and the Global Reset are now not only possible, but probable. We anticipate the next week to provide for the releases and the beginning of the official bond redemptions.

The banking system is preparing for the inevitable shock as the rape and pillage of before will not be allowed to take place ever again, and this bodes well for our Humanity.

We will post more information as we are allowed to publish.

Thank You.

October 15, 2014

Funds releases for historic bond redemptions (not official) through the platforms are to begin today, as well as funds releases of program funds.

Project fundings are still scheduled to begin this month, and further information is forthcoming in this regard that will be posted here.  

Thank You

October 5, 2014

We have been advised that the global reset, currency revaluation, and the advent of the TRN (or USN) will occur very shortly, and within this month.

Discussions with senior bankers and Family have confirmed this several times over this last week, and the bankers were particularly informative as to the sheer size of this event. The TRN is already in all banks globally, and the issues revolving around the formal release of this gold backed currency have apparently all been resolved to satisfaction.

The official redemption period for the historic bonds is also anticipated to coincide with these events, and Landa has been in contact with the official redemption teams and groups sanctioned for this process, and has been asked to prepare for this time.

All Landa clients with bond submissions will be advised of this timing, and Landa will play a significant role in providing services for this process. The exact involvement and function of Landa will be revealed at the appropriate time, but at a minimum, we shall be providing interface and matching services for all clients to enable a correct and smooth process to the benefit of the client.

Further information will be provided as we receive it, and will be posted here.

Thank You

August 28, 2014

Landa has been advised that previously frozen funds intended for Projects have been released. These funds will be sent to us early next week, and Project starts are scheduled to begin now in the first 2 weeks of September.

Thank You

August 13, 2014

Landa Project funds have been confirmed, and are in the process of transfer. We anticipate some general funds to arrive at the paymaster in the next days, with the main bulk of funds due in the middle of next week or the following week.

Project starts will begin shortly after, and we will post these timings here.

Thank You

August 9, 2014

We have been advised that the current activity in the historic bond redemption process, is at a very high activity level.

But this is not the formal redemption process we have all been waiting for. Please see the Landa Global Historic Bond Information page for further details.

All sellers are advised to be particularly cautious at this time, and neither the China or US Treasuries are paying for bonds at this time.

Thank You

August 6, 2014

We have been apprised further today that numerous commodity, bond and other transactions have gone to a high level of activity as a result of the TRN, and massive amounts in transaction funds have exchanged.

This activity bodes well for the Reconstruction Projects in the USA and indeed the rest of the world. Landa takes its corporate hat off and salutes the engineers of this and other events that have just transpired to the benefit of our Humanity.

As previously stated elsewhere, the massive effort by the Chinese Family and the agencies, treasuries, special forces, intelligence communities, armed forces and China, USA, and other governments has been extreme, stressful, and fraught with issues, and collectively they have all brought forth this magnificent result.

The trade platforms have all been cashed up for the various trades, and released credit lines have been activated for these transactions. All this activity is meant to generate very large returns for the Projects and economic development of countries. We can all expect great changes in all geographic regions as the Project side gets underway.

Land Project funds have increased in size, and we will be able to administer larger infrastructure Projects than previously imagined. Timing to Project start has of course shifted to middle of August, and we are in the middle of our own infrastructure preperations for this event.

Thank You

August 5, 2015

The TRN was signed into usage formally as of August 4, 2014. It is backed by a considerable amount of AU sufficient to support the TRN in its infancy. The AU was provided by the Chinese Family.

The USA is now undergoing tremendous internal change as a direct result, the details of which we are not allowed to publish.

First formal payments on historic bonds occurred today with money movement in payment thereof.

Funds transfers for Project fundings in progress, and Landa expects Project starts shortly.

Thank You

July 27, 2014

This update is concerning all submitted KYC packages to Landa, and all incoming submissions. 

Delays in responses and TTM scheduling have now been identified as an Administrative Block imposed on all redemption/settlement funds allocated to the historic bonds and other transactions. This Administrative Block was imposed by the IMF. 

As of Thursday July 24, 2014, the Block was removed. 

The end buyer, the Treasuries, and the flippers are now very active with formal requests for updated KYC packages for major closings scheduled for this coming week. 

The Block was not made general knowledge by the IMF. If it was, then the IMF would be inundated with calls 24 hours a day demanding that funds be released. We understand this logic, but also understand the frustrations and harms perpetrated on sellers by this action. 

Landa is now re-submitting updated packages to the end buyer as we now have good confidence as to the veracity of the process, and the release of funds. 

Please be aware that with the removal of the Block, the Treasury Reserve Note will be making its now expected debut starting Monday July 26, 2014. The debut of the TRN is also expected to trigger the GCR with all transactions Basel III compliant. 

Bond intake will stop at the end of the month. Restart is an unknown at this time.

Thank you.

July 16, 2014

In respect of the role of the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN) on the global stage, the TRN were the answer and rebuttal to the cabal inspired SDR (Special Drawing Rights) that would have perpetuated the ongoing financial rape and pillage of the world, and our enslavement. The TRN were to take that role of the SDR, and perform settlements between governments and banks in much the same manner as the 1934 Wilson Head $100,000 US gold certificates (dollar notes with the orange back).     

However, the TRN will be instead issued publicly and will replace the US Federal Reserve Note (the FRN commonly known as the USD).

Two days ago, the preliminary deliveries of the new TRN were accepted at HSBC HK, HSBC Singapore, and other banks. The USA already has them in the banks ready for distribution.

Trillions in the TRN will be distributed in time as the USD is taken in by the banks and exchanged for TRN. USD will be destroyed. When exchanged, 100 USD=92 TRN. The banks will take 8% as admin fee and other fees and taxes. The TRN is gold backed, and inherently more valuable than the USD. 

Large amounts of currency stored in warehouses will be exchanged for about 70% net if the provenance can be proved, otherwise it will not be exchanged.

Yesterday, the BRICS installed their version of a new World Bank to replace the existing one. The old World Bank with its burdens and issues will no longer be used by these and other countries.

The RV is essentially here. When effected globally, the exchanges will begin, and funds will flow out. We estimate that this process is now days or a week away at most based on all available intelligence.

Countries not Basel III compliant will be provided gold from the Family to back their currencies, and this is an ongoing process in preparation for next week. The July 20 date remains significant. All intelligence points to preparations for the rollout of these efforts being successful, and we are in the last stages prior to the commencement of the changes. 

The GCR, the RV and the ongoing global reset are in full swing,  and the above events are highly significant in support of this statement. These events were known to us, but could not be revealed prior to now (after the fact) for obvious security reasons. We can expect a great change in the next week to the benefit of our Humanity.

All bond submissions will begin processing next week. The China Treasury will be the singular focus of package submissions. Landa has been invited to participate in the Humanus Redemption Center activities that are being set up that will involve several governments and participating entities. The China Treasury will be the end buyer for this purpose. Further information will be forthcoming on a separate page.

In respect of Landa Project funds, they have passed compliance and are expected by the week's end. We are preparing for contractual obligations with the first Project line-up next week, and begin formal Project starts.

Thank You

July 11, 2014

Major changes are in progress this July, with the July 20 date for these announcements still scheduled with no change.

The GCR is in progress, and the RV is expected over this weekend if all goes as expected.

The China Treasury is very active processing its bond intake this weekend, and activity is at a high level. US Treasury sources report that there will be no impediment to the re-valuation process this time, and the reset procedures for the new financial system will be allowed to move forward.

Thank You.

June 26, 2014


This update is concerning all submitted KYC packages to Landa. All packages have been screened against the lists, and preparations are underway for the formal contact and scheduling of TTM and bank-to-bank processes for the settlement of all bonds/boxes.

The current Trusts, Foundations, and Tier 1s that have allocations, are oversubscribed for the most part. All other secondary channels are in the same position. Timelines to TTMs are expected in the first 2 weeks of July for closings now. There is currently being held a large gathering of bankers in China with the regulators and agencies having jurisdiction. The announcement of the processes in these final stages of the global settlements is scheduled for either June 30 or July 1, 2014.

At that time, all Landa submissions will move forward towards settlement. Contact will be initiated with all Sellers and Keepers, and travel, security, and other arrangements made for the settlement.

Prices are still reasonably steady, with some decrease in certain bonds, but these fluctuations are temporary as the final pricings will be forthcoming when the formal process begins. 

We will advise when this will take place as we receive the information from the Redeemer, who we are in contact with on a regular basis in order to be ready. The end-buyer, or Redeemer, is the official China Family settler for all bonds whether Chinese, Mexican, US, or other. Greater intake will be expected on the commencement of this end process, and Landa is preparing more staff to deal with the throughput. 

The announcement is expected to trigger the GCR and all transactions will become Basel III compliant. Sellers and Keepers will be settled in the month of July.

Project fundings will begin second week of July. 

Thank you.

June 3, 2014

The USA has not been successful in reaching an accord with the Family and Signatory for the gold to back the new TRN, and is attempting to support the TRN in other ways.

In a major development, since the US Treasury is experiencing tremendous issues at this time, our focus has shifted to the China Treasury and Family for the redemption/settlement of all China historic bonds, FRB, FRN, TOV and others.

Details will be forthcoming by the weekend with price lists and procedures. Both loose bonds and boxes will be accepted.

Landa is direct to the principals of this new channel, and will be able to provide for excellence in services.

Thank You

June 1, 2014

We have learned that the USA is back at the table in respect of agreements for the gold to back the TRN. The administration may complete the agreements as specified shortly.

However, updated information has confirmed that the AU will be used in another manner to support the Global Reset.

Landa Project timings remain unaffected.

Thank You

May 31, 2014

A long time ago, the Chinese Family made plans to carry out the Global Reset, and re-balance the world financial infrastructure to give the world economies a fresh start, debt-free.

They appointed a signatory that would carry out this mission with the USA and various world agencies having jurisdiction (the Parties).

Yesterday, a deadline was given to the Parties to the contractual obligation by and between the signatory and the USA and IMF and others, of 12:00 PM. Since the Parties continued to delay and dishonor their verbal assurances that the obligation would be met, the signatory withdrew his support at 12:05 PM, and issued the Press Release as below provided.

This circumstance will delay the Global Reset somewhat, but in the end result, but we have been assured by the Family that this goal will be accomplished.

It is still remotely possible that the USA will reach an accord over the next hours/days, but hopes at this point are dwindling, and the USA will be subject to great turmoil. An information package is already prepared that is to be released that defines the atrocities perpetrated by the people in power positions against their citizens.

Names, places, events, accounts, and other matters salient to the dape (destruction and rape) of the American people, and indeed the rest of the world, will be released to the general public.

When this information and evidence is released to the public, measures are in place to begin the indictments and arrests of various perpetrators of this dape. We have been made aware of the scope and actionable items of this process, and it is quite likely that US citizens will be mortified at the dape perpetrated to the point of great anger. Such anger would be met with official countermeasures such as martial law, and borders would be closed.

To dwell on such matters is not our province, but the results would affect Landa and Humanus Projects within the USA. We do not know the extent of these effects as yet, and Landa will do its utmost to provide for solutions in accomplishing its mandate of Project deployment as best as we can.

Press Release

May 30, 2014: Backer of “Global Banking Reset” Pulls Out Over Political Bickering: The signatory to the largest cache of gold bullion in the world pulls out of providing trillions in bullion to back the global reset and new global banking system. 

Breach of contract by the U.S. Treasury and amid interference by IMF (International Monetary Fund), Managing Director, Christine LaGarde, President Obama, several key members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and the World Bank has fueled the pullout. 

The gold bullion provided by the signatory would have backed the new U.S. Treasury Reserve Notes, known commonly as the TRN..

Use of the new TRN which would primarily occur between central banks, would stabilize the world economy, solve the U.S. debt crisis, provide the basis for debt forgiveness and the standardization and revaluation of all world currencies under a new gold backed system known as the “Global Reset” by those involved in the process. 

The gold bullion was scheduled for release to the U.S. Treasury this week, but the signatory announced today that he will move the deal to China and effectively leave the U.S. floundering as the TRN’s have already been printed and distributed to central banks worldwide. 

Without the signatory’s gold bullion to back the TRN, the TRN are worthless. Twenty-three central banks are backing the signatory’s move as the frustration of dealing with the U.S. Government's and IMF's failure to communicate with the signatory and fulfill signed contracts have left many central banks reeling. 

The signatory states that these individuals, governments and organizations are operating on their own political and financial agendas, jockeying for position and power in the new world financial system and have failed to perform their duties, not only in their positions of power but have also failed to morally protect and serve the citizens of the United States and the world. 

The signatory also states he has no political agenda and wishes only to restore balance, fairness and stability to the world banking system. 

In closing he says, “As a patriotic U.S. citizen I have a strong desire to keep this deal on U.S. soil, but these individuals have left me no choice. 

It is my belief that listening to more misinformation issued by the IMF, U.S .Treasury, and others who operate on their own agenda will result in further delays and continue to stall the recovery of the world economy.”

We trust that key people in influential positions will do their utmost to create the circumstance for the amelioration of the events thus far, and put the Global Reset back on track. We wish them the best in their efforts.

Thank You

May 27, 2014

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
May 27, 2014


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq .) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq .), section 5 of the United Nations Participation Act, as amended (22 U.S.C. 287c) (UNPA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, I, BARACK OBAMA , President of the United States of America, have determined that the situation that gave rise to the actions taken in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, to protect the Development Fund for Iraq and certain other property in which the Government of Iraq has an interest has been significantly altered . Recognizing the changed circumstances in Iraq, including the Government of Iraq ' s progress in resolving and managing the risk associated with outstanding debts and claims arising from actions of the previous regime, I hereby terminate the prohibitions contained in section 1 of Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, as amended by Executive Order 13364 of November 29, 2004, on any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process with respect to the Development Fund for Iraq and Iraqi petroleum , petroleum products, and interests therein , and the accounts, assets, investments, and other property owned by, belonging to, or held by , in the name of, on behalf of, or otherwise for, the Central Bank of Iraq

This action is not intended otherwise to affect the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, as expanded in scope by Executive Order 13315 of August 28, 2003, which shall remain in place.

This action is also not intended to affect immunities enjoyed by the Government of Iraq and its property under otherwise applicable law. I hereby or der: Section 1. The prohibitions set forth in section 1 of Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, as amended by Executive Or der 13364 of November 29, 2004, are hereby terminated.

Sec . 2 .

The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to take such actions, including the promulgation of rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA and the UNPA as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this order. The Secretary of the Treasury may redelegate any of these functions to other officers and agencies of the United States Government. All agencies of the United States Government 2 are hereby directed to take all appropriate measures within their statutory authority to carry out the provisions of this order.

Sec 3.

This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

Sec 4.

This order shall be transmitted to the Congress and published in the Federal Register

May 27, 2014 

May 22, 2014

The Treasury Reserve Notes may go live over the weekend, and the USA will be Basel III compliant. We do not know what the devaluation will be for the fiat USD at the moment, but it is still expected to be exchanged for the new TRN at about 50%.

All credit lines will be released on Monday for the trade platforms, and some sellers have already been paid as of today in Europe in anticipation of this release. Payments were done in Euro.

Bond pricings are expected to drop considerably after the release, but all submissions prior to this will be honored at the high prices.

Thank You

May 15, 2014

Mr. Jack Lew has of the US Treasury has completed his mission to China, and has reached agreements with authorities in Hong Kong, Beijing, and other pertinent authorities. This marks the beginning of the next phase of bond settlements and the RV.

It is expected that funds will be released next week to begin both the bond settlement processes, and the revaluation of currencies.

Landa is very active at the moment, and has increased its processing of new submissions for settlement with the UST and Tier 1 platforms. Closings have occurred on the platform side , with first payments to Sellers already made.

We expect the official intake and settlement process to begin next week, and will advise further information as it becomes available.

Thank You

May 5, 2014

The news blackout is to be lifted tomorrow, and preliminary information has indicated that all is on track for the RV funds release, the global currency reset, and the RV release of funds.

The UST is very busy processing box submissions, and Landa is submitting large quantities of such items for disposition and settlement. This process will not last long as the allocation is being used up very quickly.

Other fundings have been afforded to Landa at this time, and Project starts are expected within this week.

Thank You

May 1, 2014

The news blackout continues in Reno, and that is scheduled to be lifted next week, and many events are to unfold.

We can therefore expect all funds released globally as we begin the Project phase of this process. Currently, the end buyer intake is very active, and teams are on holiday at the moment, but will be back next week to continue the authentications at the TTMs and settlements of the boxes.

This activity will continue for a while until the allocations run out, and having achieved that benchmark, shuts down.

There may be a further allocation sometime, but that is rumored to be in the fall, and as a rumor, we can not give even an approximate time for such an allocation. It must be therefore acknowledged that all bonds will no longer be purchased/settled.

The process may seem to revolve around money, but in reality, it is the usage thereof that dictates the money (and amount thereof), and the singular effect of that is where focus becomes centered on people, rather than the money.

We are grateful for the work of the China and US and other global departments that have achieved this monumental agreement to accomplish this event of the RV and reset.

Landa will continue to provide a helping hand to bond holders in provisioning the end buyer. In this respect, the loose bond holders have a new program venue that provides for small denomination resolution like Liberty, Petchili, Rail Road, and others, through a monthly return on a year program.

An SKR is issued, and the bond is insured by a consortium of 3 global underwriters. The insurance wrap, or binder, is delivered to the Trust that enters it into program. This requires the bonds to be taken to Texas into a bank secure deposit. Returns are in the small M range, and desirable in our opinion. This is the safest and most paying of the various options we have seen, and it has been tested to work with 2 payouts already as of today's date.

Please contact a Landa or Humanus member for further details.

Thank You

April 23, 2014

The RV was effected as per last post, but the public announcement will not be until middle of May. The current private placements will be paid now, and they have begun the process.

All Farmer boxes are being taken in right now, and TTMs for both Farmer and Liberty boxes have begun to be scheduled as well. We expect the first closing for these will be sometime next week, as the system builds momentum and settles into a steady routine.

Landa intake is gearing for a massive influx of boxes at the moment, and more staff is being brought in to handle the load.

The global reset is fully underway with key announcements to come shortly.

Thank You

April 22, 2014

As we posted, today is the day of Release.

All funds for completed transactions have been released and are being transferred to the designated accounts. Paymasters will receive transfers to their account for further disposition to receiving accounts of clients.

The RV was signed off on at 4PM today, and tomorrow, at 12PM GMT, the global RV will be effected.

All dinar and dong transactions have moved forward to completion, and the private placements will be paid now.

The Global Reset will be forthcoming now for our Humanity, and that is also expected at the special ceremony this coming weekend when the global matrix funds are released.

Thank You

April 16, 2014

Last Thursday, the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) made the first payment of funds to Governments and organizations.

On Friday, the USA signed into effect the entry of the new United States dollar, the TRN (the Treasury Reserve Note backed by gold according to the Basel III regulations compliance). The major transactions were effected on Saturday. This continued Monday and will continue this week while the new system is learned. 

As previously stated, the TRN was in limited circulation in select banks and regions on Monday.

Hong Kong is ahead in this process because they do not rely on the issuance of TRN and they can still work in USD. However platforms must wait for their conversion to TRN. The banking system needs a week to fit the new system to be efficient and meet all the Basel III agreements and requirements. 

In the future, all transactions must be approved in compliance to Basel III protocols by an official that will verify it, and make the appropriate adjustments to be in compliance to the regulations. Selected platforms will have a full time (Basel III) Compliance Officer assigned to them for this purpose. 

It is expected that the RV and Global Reset will be announced this month, and a tentative date of April 22 has been marked for the public announcement. Firmer knowledge of this event will be forthcoming soon as progress is made.

Thank You

April 14, 2014

Today, the TRN was put into circulation, and people were given TRN instead of the FRN in select banks and regions.  When we receive a scan of the notes, we will post them here.

All transactions are now denominated in the new Treasury Reserve Note.

The USA has agreed to the RV, and it is now effected, but not publicly as yet. We will provide the public date when we receive it. Dinar and dong transactions will be paid out now, and in the new TRN.

Thank You.

April 9, 2014

Today, John Hockey, Australia's finance minister, has blasted the US Congress for holding up reforms at the International Monetary Fund, saying the delay has weakened Washington's standing in the world. 

Obama is pushing Congress to pass the reforms, but for some reason, Congress is not cooperating.

Inside sources confirm that if the US does not sign on the dotted line, then the rest of the countries will still move forward and put the reforms into effect with or without the USA as the world has had enough. Poverty will end, poorer countries will receive badly needed resources and have more say in world matters, and the lopsided power structure in existence today, will shift and balance out somewhat.

This impediment to the global reset will not be allowed to be of any real consequence, and the global matrix funds will be fully released. It is reported that the USA has only a week or so to make their decision, before that decision is removed from their province, and the global community becomes Basel III compliant.

The Treasury is very active in many facets of the bond redemptions, and TTMs are scheduled, and will continue to be scheduled over the next weeks.

The RV Release date is now in a sealed envelope that only China and the IMF know the exact release date. This was done to eliminate the Illegal Currency Manipulation, ie FX Probes. The final tranches to fund the RV & GCR took place on Friday, and the United Nations has completed all items required for Iraq to become an Internationally Tradable Currency. 

Iraq has also submitted all paperwork required to become a full member of the World Trade Organization. EM's are now positioned to circumvent the IMF reforms and delays created by the United States if an agreement is not reached.

Devaluation of the USD is imminent, and the Treasury Reserve Notes are now in place to be released thus eliminating the Fiat Federal Reserve Notes. The Bonds have all been converted to the new TRN system and infrastructure to circumvent global corruption and criminal activity.

Thank You

April 8, 2014

We have been advised that as of today’s date, the Paymaster in Hong Kong has initiated wire transfers.  This simply signals the beginning of all releases as previously advised, and provides a good confirmation of all statements made herein.

Zurich transfers are also slated to be transferred as they too have received the release codes, and today and tomorrow they will be getting thosetransfers done.

Landa principals have entered into a special relationship with the regulatory agencies, and part of this responsibility involves the more sensitive boxes of bonds.

All Landa initiatives will now be moving forward for the benefit of our Humanity.

Thank You.

APRIL 6, 2014

John MacHaffie post
EVENING 4/6/14


That announcement will be repeated in time of course, and it is expected by around the 17th at the latest. It will probably be re-iterated with the global reset and global currency announcement.

April 3, 2014

As of today, the US Treasury has fully released the new TRN, and all transactions are being processed in TRN.

All funds are now available for usage.

The activity in Reno is now at a furious pace, and the RV is moving forward.

Tomorrow is April 4, or 4/4, which has great meaning, and most important events are scheduled for such dates. This preamble today is significant as it was one of the items on the formal "to do" list in preparation for the global reset.

Thank You

April 2, 2014

The news from yesterday is that the RV is now pushed to the weekend to allow the movement of all funds required for this event.

It is anticipated that the April 6 public announcement of the global reset, the currency reset, and other global events will see the RV announced and the lower tiers paid on the exchange.

The Date of April 17 is extremely significant as well, as that is the anticipated date of all releases at all levels.

This day is technically the 3rd day of full new system banking operations, and expecting it to behave like a normalized system is unrealistic. Allowances must be given while it works out the kinks, but surprisingly, the schedules set forth have experienced only a small technical delay.

All available informations indicate reasonably smooth processes.

Thank You

April 1, 2014  -  April Fools Day NEWS

In an absolutely astounding announcement today, Janet Yellen made a stern and heartfelt apology for 100 years of asset bubbles, depressions, recessions, panics, banking crises, and all-around inflation caused by the Federal Reserve.

Flanked on both sides by former Fed Chairmen Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and Paul Volker, Ms. Yellen stated emotionally, "As grand wizards of the financial system, we must accept full responsibility for the consequences that our decisions have had on the lives of ordinary people around the world..."

"Frankly," Ms. Yellen continued, "I can't believe in this day and age that total control of the money supply is awarded to a tiny handful of unelected central bankers. It is a most undemocratic system and should be abolished immediately."

President Obama agreed, and will be convening a special session of Congress to pass an Emergency Executive Order to immediately provide every man, woman and child in the USA with $1,876,000 in tax rebates as partial compensation for years of abuse.

In other news, former Presidents Bush Jr. and Sr. were reported to be seen at their bank and attempting to move their "compensations from the people" out of the country. It was noted that they walked into the bank wearing Richard Nixon masks, white gloves, and duffle bags. Hillary Clinton was also reported to be outside the bank driving an unmarked VW microbus with flowers painted on it.

Source: AF/Prima Aprilis

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Boxes: all photos, passport, and CIS on the boxes per seller no matter where the boxes are must be sent in no later than Friday. The reason for this is because all boxes will be confiscated by the US military starting April 6th when the boxes will be taken. The task force assigned to this action is being briefed right now at Fort B. 

Please note that this is now confirmed in writing from Treasury, and may be viewed at

March 31, 2014

Since the release by BIS on Thursday of all funds to governments and organizations, the USA on Friday signed the TRN into effect, and major wire transfers were effected on Saturday.

April 17 marks the day of the second allocations that will be released. That is when prices will drop.

The April 6 date continues to be the target date for the global public announcement, and the governments are preparing for this event. The banking system has been allowed one week to learn the new system that is in effect, and to be completely Basel III compliant. All future transactions will have the approval of a Basel III Compliance officer assigned to the transaction.

One very important item to understand, is that we have all heard about all the testing issues and delays. We all thought that the RV was going to happen at any moment, and the global reset effected, and the new US dollar come out, as we did not understand the total plan and scope of all the reforms necessary prior to any currency revaluations, reset processes, and major funds releases.

Most were only focused on the goal of becoming rich and not understanding, or wanting to understand the big picture. However, understanding is here and truth self-evident as we see this historic time unfold before our eyes.

Our advice is to exhibit the epitome of strength: patience. Having the fortitude to stand still is good right now, and just prepare for the Work ahead. The Project side is of critical importance in this new paradigm, and this focus will shortly dominate our actions.

We will post new information as it comes in.

Thank You.

MARCH 21, 2014

As the Global Reset has been accomplished last Monday the 17th, this is a significant event that impacts directly on all bond transactions. 

The advent of the new US dollar, the US Treasury Reserve Note (symbol: TRN), not the Federal Reserve ticket (the FRN or old US dollar), signals the release of the funds for the redemptions of the bonds.

Thank you.

MARCH 11, 2014


In addition to our previous Notice, the U.S. Treasury, China Treasury, the IMF, the World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, developed the release schedules of all funds in relation to historical purchase of bonds and the RV of Dinar and Vietnamese dong. 

The Global Reset (GR) is directly related to these events, and due to the proximity of GR which is scheduled for this month after March 17, 2014, all transfers and transactions of USD wire are in “detention”, including all project financings that were scheduled for this week. 

This decision is based very simply on the advent of the U.S. Treasury Reserve Note (new symbol: TRN), or the new U.S. dollar, which is replacing the dollar (the Federal Reserve ticket (FRN)). The announcement of the new U.S. TRN and its exchange rate is scheduled for after 17 March. 

All funds and transfers in USD have been effectively frozen worldwide for this reason, and transfers after March 17 will continue in the new RRT USA. All transactions completed and pending transactions are affected by this decision. USD money transfers will not be permitted at this time until the transition. All transactions of historical bond, whether straight or refunds through private placement programs with Tier 1 operators are similarly affected. 

The GR is the deployment and implementation of the new financial system that meets Basel III compliance, and will be the new standard worldwide. All delays are temporary at this time. 

Thank you.


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